There are (4) different kinds of executive committees.
(1)  Education Committee    (2)  Organizing & Information Committee (3)  Standardization Committee     (4)  Advocacy Committee

(1) Education Committee

  • (a) Arrange trainings
  • (b) Publish research articles
  • (c) Give awards and grants to research scholars
  • (d) Connect and cooperate with educational associations to exchange industry information
  • (e) Hold seminars and workshops
  • (f) Send oversea trips to acquire up-to-date research knowledge

(2)Organizing & Information Committee

  • (a) Member relations
  • (b) To take measures to increash membership
  • (c) Networking events
    • Collaborations of local research firms
    • Coorperating with foreign research agencies
  • (d) Media relations
  • (e) Emergency contact
  • (f) Improvement of public view upon research industry in Myanmar
  • (g) Information center for research agencies(Releasing information concerning research, scholarships,government policies,and job and business opportunities through Newspapers, websites, and advertisements.)

(3)Standardization Committee

  • (a) Research codes of conduct and ethical issues
  • (b) Establish research industry standards which are suitable for Myanmar.
  • (c) Establish research indicators/indices
  • (d) Publish research professional manuals
  • (e) Conduct studies and analysis for the development of research market
  • (f) Standardize employee qualifications for research associations

(4)Advocacy Committee

  • To inform the government instututions of the benefits and views of research agencies, to ensure representation of all agencies as a whole, to act as an intermediary between the government ministries and research agencies, to encourage and shape the procedures for research agencies, and to protect Myanmar research agencies for their benifits.