Mandalay Business Forum was held on 9 November 2018 as same as Grand Opening of Mandalay Convention Centre. Mandalay is stepping up efforts to enhance its appeal as a trading production and logistics hub in upper Myanmar and the second largest city with a population of over 1.2 million people.

Attractive facts for investors:

  1. Mandalay has set its sight on further industrialization and enhancement of its economic condition due to its location along Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Economic Corridors.
  2. Centrally located – a Trading Hub in Myanmar
  3. Opportunities in light manufacturing, agro and food processing, tourism and logistics
  4. Accessibility of Mandalay such as Asian Highway Hub (AH1,2,14), Trans Asian Railway Hub, Inland Waterway, International Airport

The Mandalay Business Forum was organized by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC), Ministry of Commerce (MOC), Mandalay Region Government and Mandalay Region Investment Committee (MRIC), with the support of New Star Light Group of Companies with the aim to promote investment and trade in Mandalay Region more effectively.

Events of the forum

Mandalay Business Forum had various events as follows;

  1. Grand Opening and Handover ceremony of Mandalay Convention Centre from New Star Light Group of Companies to Mandalay City Development Committee
  2. Opening ceremony of the forum by speeches
  3. Presentation session- 7 presentations were made by respective departments and business
  4. Panel discussion- Mandalay Region- Future Hub
  5. Business matching- 6 sectors
  6. Breakout session- One on laws and regulations and another was for investment projects

In the invitation of Organization Committee, U Thurein Nyein, Vice-Chairman and U Aung Min, Secretary of MRA participated the forum.