There will be(3) categories, Founding Member,Member , and Associate Member.

Membership fees and Annual fees

All members are required to pay (2) kinds of fees: membership fees and annual fees.

Membership Membership fees (Kyats) Annual fees (Kyats)
Founding Member 500,000 100,000
Member 100,000 50,000

Associate members are to pay the following membership and annual fees.

Membership Membership fees (Kyats) Annual fees (Kyats)
Associate Member 75,000 50,000
Student member 15,000 10,000

Requirement criteria for respective members are as follows.

(A) Founding Member

  • (1)Founding members must meet the requirement of a member.
  • (2) Must be able to be in the market research industry for an extended period of time.
  • (3)Must be able to contribute to the development of market research industry.


    • (1)Myanmar Research Company
    • (2)Myanmar company-led joint venture with foreign firms.
    • (3)Market Consultancies
    • (4)Myanmar citizens working at local research agencies(professional and executive)
    • (5)Local individual research consultants (professional individuals)
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MRA – Members Application Form

MRA Member’s Privileges

(C) Associate Members

    • (1) Registered foreign companies in Myanmar that are doing research and market consultancy.
    • (2)Individual foreign researchers from those companies
    • (3)Foreign researchers working at Myanmar research companies
    • (4)Individual foreign research professionals
    • (5)Local junior and part-time researchers
    • (6)University and college students who are interested in market research
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MRA – Associate Members application form